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When a musical duo is a couple in real life, sparks tend to fly. Anagram has just as much passion for each other (they've been together for 11 years) as they have for their musical endeavors. On a trip to Berlin in 2001, Eric Holland was scoring a movie that his wife Jessica Congdon was editing. Anagram grew out of this first film collaboration. Now, much of their music is influenced by the films they have scored.

With their self-produced sophomore album "The Lights Went Up," Anagram has created another cinematic album. It is more mature and textured than their first album, whose songs were about seeing the world in all its electro glory.   The upcoming release is more personal, since they have even more to share - their first child, Viola Berlin, was born this fall.

Anagram is neither musician's first venture into the realms of modern alternative music. Jessica was a member of the all-woman San Francisco group Vervein ( Vervein released 2 albums, the latest of which, "The Weather Inside," received rave reviews including best CD of 2005 by the San Francisco Chronicle.   Eric was a founder of the experimental art-rock band Milk Cult, which released 5 albums (Basura! / 0 to 1 Records) and performed in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

"Eric brings rich beats, instrumentation, and production, and I generally focus on the melodies and vocals," Jessica says.   One can hear the textured orchestration of the Beach Boys, the ethereal vocals of the Cocteau Twins, the driving beats of New Order, and pop hooks reminiscent of the Pixies, yet all the while Anagram keeps their unique sound intact.